あの香りに包まれたいけど、もう包まれることはないのか、、と半ば諦めていました。そんな方も多いと思います、あの国鉄独特の香り。このフラグレンスは、少年のアツい頃の自分を思い出させてもらい、元気がでました。ホリプロ 南田裕介 マネージャー


From Memories of
Japanese National Railways

If the part of light in age of high economic growth period in Showa 30’s produced extraordinary rail cars at that time, we will take part of bringing light to this age in 21st century with our products inspired by the love and passion within legendary leaders of JNR to maximum extent for the generations to come, so that world will become a better place for our children.

JNR (Japanese National Railways)





JNR Blue Moquette Cushions

JNR Blue Moquette "Mini" Cushion

Everfresh Bread & Indigo Herb Tea
Photo by Green-G
Original Natural Indigo Dyed T-Shirt and Mini Towel
Photo by Green-G

T-shirt on Torso